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Rabbi Mitchell Jadidi

your guide to a more connected Jewish life.

Affectionately known as Rabbi Mitch, he stands out as a unique force within the Jewish community. Imagine a leader who combines boundless inspiration with a cool, approachable demeanor, making every encounter with him an adventure into a life of passion, meaning, and connection.

Rabbi Mitch's educational journey is as diverse as it is impressive, including a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a law degree from the prestigious NYU Law School. His transformative exploration of Jewish identity began with a life-changing trip to Israel, marking a significant transition from his secular roots to becoming a spirited advocate for Jewish education and mentorship.

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As the visionary leader of Olami Together, Rabbi Mitch dedicates himself to enriching the lives of Jewish men across North America. He’s committed to creating connections that delve deep — into our heritage, our community, and a life illuminated by the wisdom of the Torah.

Beyond his role as an innovator and mentor, Rabbi Mitch is deeply devoted to his family. Alongside his wife, Chedva, and their children — Yosef, Gila, Yehuda, and Akiva — he fully embraces the joys of life. Whether it's embarking on exhilarating safaris or relishing unique dining experiences, every moment is an opportunity for discovery. A true music enthusiast, Rabbi Mitch attended the Coachella Music Festival for five consecutive years, showcasing his appreciation for vibrant live music. His renowned scotch collection also hints at his love for celebrating life's moments, big and small, with a toast among friends, colleagues, and students.

Rabbi Mitch embodies the spirit of a "Magic Johnson" type of player in the realm of Jewish education — capable of leading the game with exceptional skill, yet also excelling as the strategic playmaker behind a team of extraordinary educators. His approach to leadership is refreshing and dynamic, inviting everyone to be part of a journey filled with growth, community, and the joy of Jewish living.

Join Rabbi Mitch for an unforgettable exploration of what it means to live a fully engaged Jewish life, where every interaction is an opportunity for personal and collective empowerment.

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Rabbi Mikhail Zalman Dubov — "Rabbi MZ"

A powerhouse of wisdom and enthusiasm within the Jewish community. 

Celebrated for his vibrant energy and insightful teachings, Rabbi MZ has become a standout figure at Aish HaTorah, where his journey from student to superstar educator is nothing short of inspirational. Alongside his wife, who spearheads the women's program Aish Aspire, they form a formidable force, enriching lives and igniting souls with passion and purpose.

From his early days in the USSR to navigating NYC public schools, and advancing through Boston College, Rabbi MZ's path has been marked by diversity and determination. His initial steps into Aish HaTorah as a learner laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in Jewish education, where he now shines as a beacon of knowledge and mentorship.

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Rabbi MZ specializes in making the profound accessible, tackling complex topics such as the evidence for the existence of God, the divinity of the Torah, free will, and the intricacies of halacha with a clarity that resonates deeply with his students. His sessions are more than educational—they are transformative experiences that connect individuals with their Creator and provide clear moral direction.

Beyond the realms of philosophy and theology, Rabbi MZ is an avid sportsman, bringing the same passion and energy to the basketball court and ping pong table as he does to his teachings. His love for hiking mirrors his adventurous spirit, symbolizing his commitment to exploring both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Rabbi MZ's relatability and profound intellect could have led him to success in any field, but his choice to dedicate himself to Jewish education and mentorship demonstrates a profound commitment to guiding the next generation. His journey from a curious student at Aish HaTorah to one of its most influential educators embodies the transformative power of learning and personal development. With Rabbi MZ, every conversation is an invitation to discovery and growth, making him not just a teacher, but a lifelong mentor and guide through the complexities of Jewish life and beyond.

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Rabbi Yitzchak Greenblatt

A linguistic virtuoso at Olami Together.

With a distinguished background as an educator at Ohr Somayach and a pivotal role in Olami Together, Rabbi Greenblatt brings a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective to Jewish education. His PhD in Linguistics from Cambridge and proficiency in nine languages make him uniquely skilled in guiding students through the complexities of Gemara, Halacha, and Jewish philosophy with unparalleled clarity and insight.

His rich life experiences — spanning from South Africa and England to stints in Argentina, Germany, and the US, before ultimately settling in Israel — offer Olami Together participants a unique blend of cultural insights and an engaging accent that adds depth to their learning journey.

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Originally on a path to professional rugby, Rabbi Greenblatt's significant experiences in Israel catalyzed a shift towards embracing and teaching Jewish values and philosophy. His personal evolution from a less-connected Jewish background to a mentor for a new generation highlights the transformative power of empathy and practical discussion in fostering healthy, sustainable growth.

Beyond his academic and educational pursuits, Rabbi Greenblatt is deeply committed to his family, enjoys playing the guitar, traveling, and is continually expanding his linguistic abilities. His adventurous spirit and dedication to connecting with students on a personal level make him an invaluable asset to the Olami Together team, where he continues to inspire and shape the futures of Jewish individuals across the globe.

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Rabbi Ruvein Katz

Your guide in the world of Jewish learning, networking, and leadership.

Rabbi Katz is a down-to-earth Kansas City native whose journey led him from self-discovery to empowering others as they follow his path. Armed with degrees in Psychology and Economics from Drake University, Rabbi Katz's personal journey is remarkably relatable.

A transformative year at Hebrew University deepened his love for Israel and ignited an unwavering passion for Jewish learning. Rabbi Katz isn't your typical educator; he's a valuable asset when it comes to networking, leadership, and internships for young Jewish men, right here at Olami Together. His mission? To empower you as a Jewish leader and help you kick-start your career with meaningful opportunities.

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But Rabbi Katz is more than just a guide; he's someone you can effortlessly connect with. His relaxed and approachable nature makes him a go-to mentor for young Jewish men across North America. Known for his caring attitude and the personal touch he adds to his mentorship, Rabbi Katz is here to support your journey.

While he's dedicated to nurturing the Jewish outreach leaders of today and shaping the leaders of tomorrow, Rabbi Katz, along with his wife, is raising their five children in the vibrant heart of Jerusalem. It's a living testament to their unwavering commitment to family, community, and the cherished values they hold close to their hearts.

Rabbi Katz's journey is a relatable narrative of personal transformation, and it beautifully resonates with the core mission of Olami Together – empowering young men like you to unlock your potential, forge valuable connections, and deepen your connection with your Jewish heritage.

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Rabbi Matt LeVee

Your relatable guide to Jewish wisdom.

Rabbi Matt LeVee is your friendly and approachable educator, ready to connect with any guy who comes his way.

Rabbi LeVee brings a relatable and inviting approach to his conversations. On one hand, he is involved in enhancing your spiritual well-being, guiding you through Jewish meditation practices, and uncovering the layers of personal growth through heritage — profound topics that enrich your journey. On the other hand, he effortlessly transitions to captivating explorations of Marvel comics, infusing them with the timeless wisdom of Torah stories. This dynamic approach makes Rabbi LeVee your go-to companion for a journey of self-discovery and Jewish exploration.

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Beyond his role as an educator, Rabbi LeVee is also a serious artist and painter. While he wishes for more time to read and hike, he cherishes every moment spent with his family. His commitment to family values is a reflection of his dedication to building a warm and welcoming community within Olami Together.

Rabbi LeVee's love for Israel shines brightly, and his genuine desire to help everyone on their journey makes him an invaluable asset to our mission. Join Rabbi LeVee on a journey of discovery, where Judaism comes to life in vibrant, relatable ways. Together, we explore the depths of our tradition while embracing the world around us.

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Rabbi Adam Abergel

Empowering Sephardic Jews and beyond.

Rabbi Adam Abergel is at the forefront of a transformative movement, spearheading the Aish Sephardi program, a much-needed destination exclusively for Sephardic Jews. His dedication to bridging cultural divides and nurturing a vibrant Sephardic community has made him an indispensable figure.

Beyond his role as the architect of Aish Sephardi, Rabbi Abergel is an educator in high demand, sought after by individuals and communities alike. Despite his bustling schedule, his deep commitment to our community shines through as he graciously makes himself available to lead us on our spiritual journeys.

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Rabbi Abergel's journey from a traditional Moroccan home to becoming a beacon of inspiration is a testament to his dedication. It was during a Birthright trip to Israel while at university that he discovered his path, leading him to embrace his faith.

His expertise extends to the profound teachings of Mesillas Yesharim, where he passionately imparts the timeless wisdom of this classical work. With his guidance, individuals discover serenity and strengthen their faith in G-d.

Aside from his passion for spiritual growth, Rabbi Abergel is a sports enthusiast. As a former D3 college tennis player, he still enjoys regular games. Whether it's a match on the court, a game of shesh besh (backgammon), or a round of ping pong, Rabbi Abergel infuses his love for life into every activity.

Join Rabbi Abergel on a path of growth where wisdom meets vibrancy, and where faith and connection flourish. His guidance is a valuable asset to our community, and he is here to help you on your journey towards spiritual enrichment.

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Rabbi David Menache

A rising star in Jewish outreach.

Rabbi Menache’s vibrant energy is a valuable addition to our team. With a strong foundation in the prestigious Jerusalem Kollel, he brings a youthful passion for connecting with others and sharing the blessings of a religious lifestyle.

Growing up in a religious home, Rabbi Menache embarked on a journey of self-discovery that eventually led him to Israel. There, he found renewed enthusiasm for his faith and a deep desire to inspire others on a similar path. His teaching covers a diverse array of topics, from exploring profound philosophical concepts to delving into Gemara and Pirkei Avos. Rabbi Menache excels at making the religious lifestyle not only accessible but also engaging and meaningful for everyone.

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Outside of his role as an educator, Rabbi Menache enjoys exploring the world through travel, embracing the thrill of sports and nature, cherishing quality time with family, experimenting with his culinary skills, diving into books, and continuing his own learning journey.

Keep your eyes on Rabbi David Menache as he continues to shine brightly in the world of Jewish outreach. His dedication, refreshing spirit, and commitment to making Judaism accessible are sure to inspire many on their own journeys of discovery and growth.

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Rabbi Joshua Livingstone

your friendly and relatable outreach educator with a knack for making Jewish wisdom click.

Rabbi Livingstone is not your typical teacher; he's all about creating those 'aha moments' that make you say, 'Wow, I never thought of it that way!'

He's the go-to guy for life's big questions — like the purpose of life, what it truly means to be the "Chosen People," and the mysteries that lie beyond. Rabbi Livingstone is on a mission to help you uncover deep Torah insights and connect with your spiritual side in a way that's meaningful to you.

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But that's not all. Rabbi Livingstone is also renowned for his 'Supercharge Your Marriage' sessions, where he uses the timeless wisdom of Judaism to help you become an exceptional partner, build rock-solid relationships, and thrive in your marriage.

His teaching covers a wide range of topics, from Chumash and Mesillas Yesharim to Pirkei Avos. Yet, what truly sets Rabbi Livingstone apart is his ability to make Judaism relatable, engaging, and, most importantly, fun.

When he's not teaching, Rabbi Livingstone enjoys creating entertaining videos that bring the beauty of Judaism to life. Join Rabbi Livingstone on a journey of discovery, humor, and personal growth as you explore the profound teachings of our tradition.

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Austin Altman

Master communicator and operations whiz at Olami Together.

 Austin’s journey from the dynamic world of Fortune 500 companies to the meaningful realm of community engagement showcases the transformative power of connection and personal growth. His initial post-college years, filled with the highs of corporate success, ultimately led to a search for more profound fulfillment. It was this quest that introduced him to Rabbi Mitch, whose guidance sparked Austin's shift towards a life of greater purpose. Embracing the values learned from similar enriching programming, Austin embarked on a path that would not only redefine his own life but also enable him to impact others significantly.

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As the Director of Operations, Austin's role is pivotal in connecting student participants with the life-changing opportunities that Olami Together offers. His knack for communication, coupled with an easy-going and positive demeanor, makes him an indispensable bridge between the community's vision and its realization. Whether it's overseeing the logistics of impactful trips or ensuring the seamless execution of our programs, his efforts are central to fostering an environment of learning and growth.

Austin's commitment is deeply personal, fueled by his own transformative experiences. Understanding the significant impact that mentorship and engagement can have, he is driven to guide others in exploring their Jewish faith and culture, making every effort to create opportunities that enrich and empower. Beyond his operational duties, Austin's life is a blend of intellectual curiosity and physical vitality. Whether delving into a captivating book or indulging in the thrill of sports, his pursuit of balance and well-being reflects the holistic approach he brings to every facet of his life.

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